Relevant Facts

Of Ghana’s energy produced by Sunon Asogli
Sunon Asogli place in China’s Top 500 Business Enterprises
Number of Shenzen Group employees
Worldwide energy consumption produced from natural gas


Respect for others and be honest and diligent

Basic Code Of Employees Conducts

Integrity work-style, simplified programs, pragmatic work

Basic Code Of Corporate Conducts

Safety-First, Cost-Leading, Effectiveness-Basic and Environment-friendly

Operation Principle

To create a responsible, strong, eco-friendly and harmonious Shenzhen Energy


Fairness, Justice, Tolerance and Integrity

Core Values

Provide the society with clean, safe and high-efficient energy products and services; and the employees with broad entrepreneurial platforms and room for growth and advancement.

Corporate Mission

Supply perennial high-quality power for the social progress and ecological development.

Corporate Aspiration

Corporate Culture determines the destiny of the enterprise. It is based on the corporate value, rooted in the enterprise organizations, systems and processes, affecting the ways of thinking and behaviors of the enterprise and its staff.

Corporate Culture

Employee Activities

Beach Clean-up exercise

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Safety Month 2019

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Open day party with kids

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