Every year, the month of June is dedicated to safety and all its related activities. This is done in accordance with the overall deployment and work requirements of the Group. It is also intended to inculcate the attitude and culture of care and safety at its highest standard in the company.
Further, the company’s designated safety month is to; create a safe production atmosphere/ environment; improve the company's safety production work; effectively implement the responsibilities that encapsulate corporate safety; imbibe the company's safety management philosophy and popularize safety knowledge among staffs and affiliates.
Each year has its perks but the June 2018 Safety Month dubbed “Safety first, prevention oriented for comprehensive governance” came with very interesting peculiarities.
Throughout the month, there were safety exhibition. This comprised the display of; Safety boards, having English and Chinese versions of safety requirements, with attendant responses and needed reactions; Safety tools and equipment, interspersed with training on how to apply them under the required circumstances.
Additionally, Emergency evacuation drills were organised intermittently to improve the risk prevention awareness and emergency rescue capability of all employees; improve employee accident prevention awareness and accident rescue/disposal capabilities through on emergency; enhance the effectiveness and operability of emergency plans. All drawbacks identified during the exercise were reorganised and improvement measures were determined.
Testing employee degree of knowledge on safety was the mandatory Safety Knowledge Examination on June 5. Content included but not limited to; how to conduct and organize safety systems and procedures; work permit and fire permit system; customary violations regulations; fire emergency plan, fire protection, traffic safety knowledge and more
Subsequent activities included, Fire Fighting Skills Competition on June 14. The competition was in four parts; Fire hose connection, positive pressure breathing apparatus, extinguishing fire with fire extinguisher, and fire hose rolling. The Chinese women's team won against the Ghana women's team. The company's Fire Brigade and Shift D team of the Operation Department won the first place in the professional and amateur groups of the competition.
A six 6 kilometer low carbon health walk was organised on June 23 to encourage employees incorporate a healthy lifestyle into their daily endeavours.
The Ghana Fire Service Department carried out oil tank fire and fire emergency response drills dubbed “canister fire emergency disposal exercise”; to test the risk prevention awareness and emergency rescue capability of employees on the afternoon of June 27. This activity, which lasted about 45 minutes, included oil tank fire extinguishing drill, on-site simulation personnel injury, first aid and emergency evacuation drill. Allowing employees to understand at first hand, the basic knowledge of fire protection, enhancing individual self-protection ability, and grasp the strain on sudden fires escape skills.
June 24th, the company organized all employees to watch and practice in turns activities in, safety production education videos, warnings of safety accidents, educational videos, safety production knowledge videos, Power plant safety technology knowledge video, safety management and special operation knowledge video playbacks.
The month was climaxed with a Safety Knowledge Awards Competition On June 29. A contest on diverse topics including pictures, texts and videos, covering fire, safety, transportation, health, habitual violations, etc.; and interspersed game on safety to encourage employees to thoroughly study the basics of employee safety and safe production measures.
In all, the 2018 safety month was successful with over 500 participants; Staff and affiliates alike. Safety/safety production is a timeless topic and its importance cannot be overemphasis. It is hoped that all and sundry will make safety an integral part of their existence, with the goal of building an intrinsically safe enterprise.