2019 Energy Conservation Awareness Week

The annual observance of the energy conservation week for the year 2019 was held from 12th June 2019 to 18th June 2019. The theme for this year was “Sustainable Green Development, It starts by saving Energy”. The objective of the week was to encourage the staff to reflect on how they can all help to save money, reduce the negative impacts of the conventional power generation technologies on the environment and reduce waste by reviewing our energy use habits. Prior to the commencement of the energy conservation week, posters were put up to publicize the event, before the actual commencement of the event on 12th June 2019.
In the first few days, the planning department organized a poster viewing activity where staff of the company were taken through each of the posters and taught the benefits of energy saving and how to conserve energy without sacrificing comfort.
The poster viewing exercise was also to make sure that majority if not all the staff had gone through each and every poster that has been in and around the Asogli premises. The staff were also encouraged to contribute their knowledge on energy conservation.
The week was climaxed with a signing activity. This is where staff had to append their signatures as an honor code system and pledges to conserve energy. The week finally came to an end, with good education from both the planning department and the staff as well.
Sustainable green development starts with Energy Conservation!!!