Group Chairman of Shenzhen Energy Group, Chairman Xiong Peijin and His Team Paid a Social Call on Sunon Asogli Power Plant

October 24, 2019

Chairman Xiong Peijin, group Chairman of Shenzhen Energy group, which is the parent company of Sunon Asogli Power Ghana Limited, with 4 other high level delegation visited Ghana for the first time for a one (1) week business trip from 21st October 2019 to 25th October 2019.

The Shenzhen Energy group (SEC) and its partners, China Africa Development Fund (CADFUND) have so far invested almost USD1billion in the 560MW Sunon Asogli Power Plant which was the first IPP in Ghana, and the first investment SEC made in Africa.

On the 23rd and 24th of October 2019, Chairman Xiong and his team visit the Sunon Asogli Power Plant. While there, they had talks with some employees who expressed their thanks to the company and also highlighted some achievements and problems employees are facing. In the meeting, Chairman Xiong highlighted that Sunon Asogli had accumulated valuable experience in Africa and has made several contributions to the Group’s international development and assured those present that the Group will continue to care and support in the development of Ghana. He therefore made a few requests to Sunon Asogli, some of which are;

• To strengthen team building, improve the system and organizational structure and strengthen risk management control

• To strengthen training of staff and attach importance to developing the middle-level management

• To strengthen communication both in the company and with the embassy and its relevant partners and enhance the friendly relations between China and Ghana

They also met with a few consultants and sub-contractors of the company to get a personal and in-depth understanding of their work.

During this two (2) day visit, Chairman Xiong and his team took a tour around the Power plant and visited the central control room to have a talk with the engineers on duty.

Vice President Li Ming donated a variety of gym equipment to Sunon Asogli Power as gifts. These were received by Chairman Yang and Eugene Borquaye, assistant Operations Manager.

The team on Wednesday, 23rd October had lunch with all Chinese staff and on Thursday, 24th October had lunch with all Ghanaian staff where they enjoyed several Ghanaian delicacies. Chairman Xiong and his team enjoyed the Ghanaian dishes and praised the chefs for their good work.

The staff of Sunon Asogli Power then joined to have a farewell dinner for Chairman Xiong and his delegation and thanked them for all their support and good work.