Sunon Asogli Power Plant has a Record Load in Power Generation, Providing a Strong Guarantee for Ghana’s Electricity Demand

On July 26, 2019 at 10:58PM, all 10 units of Sunon Asogli Power Plant operated at full load, a total power generation at a load of 541MW is the highest load recorded by the plant since its inception. Sunon Asogli Power accounts for 29% of the total load generation in Ghana. With superior power supply reliability, stability and economy, the Sunon Asogli Power Plant has been hailed by the Ghanaian government as a “power plant worth relying on”.

Through continuous deepening of internal management, improvement of operational maintenance management, constant efforts to improve safe production, and continuous improvement of fuel supply, since 2019, we broke our highest record of generation:

  • July 25, output load was 460MW, representing the highest load ever recorded
  • July 25, the energy generated was 9,620MWh, representing the highest daily energy production ever recorded.
  • July 26, all 10 units operated at full load for the first time, maximum output load of 540MW, accounting for 27% of the total Ghana load.
  • July 26, the energy generated was 11,950MWh. First time the daily energy production has exceeded 10,000MWh since the establishment of the plant.
  • July 28, daily power generation of 12,690MWh, a new record high.

Also, Ghana’s electricity sales in the first half of the year was 1,012,000MWh, representing the highest sales record. As of 24:00 on 28th July,Ghana had completed sales of 240,000MWh in July- the highest monthly sales ever recorded. Asogli will continue to persist in cohesiveness, innovation and we will not forget our initial commitment to a better energy future.