Sunon Asogli Power Ready to Play Leading Role in Renewable Energy Transitions in Africa

The contributions made by the Sunon Asogli Power to the Ghanaian energy sector are enormous and tremendous. Over the last ten years, we have successfully generated more than 14,100.53GWh of power to supplement the national grid. Our technical capabilities in delivering power projects is unquestionable, as we have been able to overcome both natural impediments and construction difficulties to develop successful projects that have made breakthroughs in the energy sector. Through hard work and dedication, Sunon Asogli Power has achieved some of the highest annual energy generation, and by efficient operational practices and good maintenance culture, our power plants have some of the highest plant availability rates in the country.

We are ready and poised to assume leadership and blaze the trail in the renewable energy space and it is our goal to invest in clean energy to help Ghana as well as other countries within the continent in order to achieve a healthy energy mix. The Government of Ghana through the Renewable Energy Master Plan has indicated that between 2019 and 2030, it would like to increase the proportion of renewable energy in the national energy generation mix from 42.5Mw in 2015 to 1363.63 (with grid connected system totaling 1094.65). We believe that the time has come to explore opportunities in new areas of Power generation as a major player in the Ghana energy sector with solid technological backbone from Shenzhen Energy Group which has the installed capacity of the renewable energy 3003MW.

Sunon Asogli Power intends to explore this great opportunity to develop and add to the energy infrastructure of the country. We are proud of our achievements so far within the power generation sector and once again, Sunon Asogli Power wishes to partner and align with the Government’s vision in order to reach this new target.

To show our readiness for this course, Sunon Asogli Power has set up a team called African Business Development Unit (group of experts in the field of electricity generation, environmental protection and urban gas) to drive the renewable energy agenda. This team of experts are to explore opportunity not only in Accra, Ghana, but also in the Sub region, all in the quest to increase the renewable component in the energy mix. Sunon Asogli Power through its newly established Africa Business Development Unit will undertake major initiatives in renewable energy and clean energy transitions and will focus on delivering reliable, safe, cost effective, efficiency oriented, environmentally friendly electricity generation projects. The unit will also actively partake in and contribute to the progress of the multilateral vision of achieving full electricity connectivity and consequently, grid power exchanges among power pools within the region. This, we hope would lower emissions from power generation, diversify the generation mix and lower the cost of electricity whiles providing jobs and strengthening economic growth. Sunon Asogli Power is entering the renewable energy space with state of the art technology which is in consonance with local and international standards.