Uniting for a Sustainable Future: A Recap of our 2023 Energy Conservation Week

The energy conservation week as has been observed since 2018, is a deliberate endeavor that emphasizes our shared commitment to raise awareness to save energy, resources and protect the environment. The theme this year, “Save Energy, Reduce Carbon Emissions. Unite for our common goal”, emphasizes the company’s vision of being an eco-friendly power plant. Sunon Asogli Power dedicated one week, 10th July to 16th July, to celebrate the 6th edition of the annual energy conservation wee which aims at promoting energy-efficient practices and inspiring all staff to be active participants in the group’s effort to improve efficiency and combat climate change which is caused by greenhouse gas emissions.

Day 1: The Power of Unity Begins

Our Energy Conservation Week commenced with a vibrant kickoff event where staff gathered to sign the energy conservation banner. The banner served as a symbol of our collective dedication to energy conservation. By coming together and pledging our commitment to sustainable practices, we aimed to raise awareness not only within our company but also among all the subcontractors working within and around the plant.

Day 2: Learning from Our Peers

In the spirit of knowledge-sharing, the team conducted insightful interviews with select staff who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to energy conservation in their respective roles. These interviews shed light on innovative approaches and practical strategies adopted by our own colleagues, further inspiring others to make small yet impactful changes in their daily activities. The response from the interviewees also revealed to the planning department areas that needed to be improved in order to achieve increased energy conservation in the various departments.

Day 3: Revealing Energy Waste

The Energy Conservation Inspection was a pivotal activity during the week, as it allowed us to assess our current energy consumption patterns and identify areas of waste. Our dedicated team carefully analyzed water, fuel, and other resources’ usage to reveal inefficiencies and expose opportunities for improvement. Through this process, many recommendations were made to the relevant personnel in charge of various areas of the plant to develop management standards to better manage energy and resource use. For example, the relevant personnel in charge of estates were tasked to develop a more responsive and urgent reporting system for faults because the inspection revealed a leaking tap in the residence B kitchen which was leading to water wastage. Other similar suggestions were made to other units.

Day 4: Empowering with Knowledge

A summary meeting with the company management provided a valuable opportunity to project the energy conservation efforts and results achieved during the first half of the year. We celebrated our achievements, acknowledged the hard work of staff, and recognized the impact of collective efforts. The meeting was also a platform to define our goals for the remaining half of the year and outline a robust action plan to intensify our energy conservation endeavors.

Day 5: Equipping for a Greener Future

To end the week on an educational note, we organized an interactive online and in-person training session for Ghanaian and Chinese staff. This session deepened our understanding of energy conservation and highlighted the important role each staff member plays in achieving our sustainability objectives. Armed with newfound knowledge and inspiration, some staff contributed suggestions for energy conservation and our team left the training better equipped to make informed choices that promote energy conservation to reduce waste and protect the environment.

Conclusion: United in Purpose

The success of the Energy Conservation Week at Sunon Asogli signifies the united effort of both staff and management to saving energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and protecting the environment. By embracing the theme “Save Energy, Reduce Carbon Emissions. Unite for our common goal,” we have demonstrated that collective action can drive change. Let us continue to unite, innovate, and inspire as we walk hand in hand towards a greener and brighter future.