Policy on

Corporate Social Responsibility


Sunon Asogli Power has positioned itself to be one of the leaders among the Independent Power Producers, meeting and exceeding Ghana’s growing power consumption needs.

The concept and pursuit of sustainable development underpin our company culture, goals, and activities. Sunon Asogli Power is committed to meaningful and sustainable social responsibility partnerships and adheres to the economic and social needs of all people impacted by our activities with great sensitivity.

The most visible aspect of a company’s social responsibility program is often community investment. This policy relates to our ongoing efforts to give back to the society in which we operate. This document would serve as a guide for our commitment to assisting in the development of the community and the creation of economic opportunities. Our primary focus would be on the community in which we operate, the energy sector as well as the nation.

Sunon Asogli Power is thus committing not only to growing its business and becoming profitable, but also to meaningfully contributing to the transformation of this country through strategic, responsible and responsive corporate social responsibility.

1.1 Job Creation and Knowledge Sharing

As an organization that takes pride in its multicultural structure and believes in competitive advantage, we provide internship opportunities to students in tertiary institutions majoring in Engineering and the Sciences. We are committed to long-term capacity building, knowledge, and skill sharing. We also give an equal opportunity to women in Engineering and Science who wish to work with us.

1.2 Investing in the Community

Sunon Asogli Power has made a genuine commitment to helping the host community. One of our guiding principles is to leave the community a better place than we found it by implementing social and economic activities in all of our host communities.

Sunon Asogli Power has and will continue to provide interventions in health, education, sports, sanitation, safety, and security.

To accomplish this, we will maintain constant engagement and consultation with the Municipal Assembly as well as the Traditional leaders of host communities to ensure effective implementation.

1.3 Eco-Friendly Measures

Sunon Asogli Power is concerned about the environment in which we operate; we will protect our environment through our actions and inactions. We will work to maintain a green and clean environment, as well as to support initiatives to protect the beaches and aquatic life

1.4 Providing Sponsorship to a Relevant Course

Sunon Asogli is committed to delivering and assisting groups and individuals on relevant projects and programs that benefit the host community directly or indirectly. Sponsorship can be provided in the form of cash or as monetary value.

To make a decision, management examines the validity of the sponsorship request as well as the impact the support can have on the target population. Sunon Asogli Power’s code of conduct is the key indicator for maintaining professional and ethical sponsorship consideration at all times. All approved or endorsed sponsorship must not bring the company’s name into disrepute.

The key areas of consideration include, but are not limited to health, culture, education, environment, security, safety, and humanitarian issues. Sunon Asogli Power is accountable to the public. As a result, any initiative that is sponsored must be relevant to both the company and the community.

All sponsorship approval processes would take into account the company’s policy on allocation for such a purpose.

Any sponsored activity or program sponsored would be monitored and evaluated to ensure the success of the sponsorship activity.

1.5 Being Ethical and Fair

Our guiding principle in dealing with regulators, customers, employees, and any individual or group with whom we do business is to be ethical and fair at all times. We will be guided to be a good example of a multicultural institution that respects the rule of law and adheres to principles that ensure a favourable environment for all that who do business with us,