West Africa Development Unit

Exploring “overseas energy” is one of the most essential development strategies of Shenzhen Energy Group. After hosting the first-ever overseas project of Shenzhen Energy Group Company (SEC), Ghana has become a strategic location for Shenzhen Energy Group (SEC) and has inured to our company enough experience and confidence to lead an ‘energy revolution’ in the African power market. Ghana and West Africa, as the bridgehead of Shenzhen Energy Group’s development in Africa, will attract more and extensive opportunities in power generation infrastructure taking advantage of the continent’s abundant stock and flow of resources as well as its nascent national and regional interconnection systems.

This strategy is to leverage the over 30 years experience of SEC in commercial electricity production using conventional and industrial power generation sources (hydro, thermal- gas-to-power, oil-to-power), new energy technology (Wind, Mini-hydros, agro-PV, Solar PV, hybrid installations), and clean energy (LNG-to-power, urban gas, renewables, etc) to ensure that Africa’s power supply system is sufficient, reliable, affordable, modernized, efficient and environmentally friendly.

Our Mandate

As pacesetters in Ghana’s energy space, in 2017, SEC established a project development and implementation unit called the West Africa Development Unit (WADU). Its mandate is to lead prospect and undertake project development to add on to the installed clean and renewable energy generation capacity of SEC in Africa with West Africa as a priority under various commercial arrangements and partnerships such as IPPs and PPPs (BOT, BOO, etc.).

SEC’s Experience in China and Other Parts of the World

Established in June 1991, Shenzhen Energy Group Co Ltd, the parent company of Sunon Asogli Power company, is one of the experienced and influential Independent Power Producers with its headquarters in Shenzhen, Guandong Province. SEC has embarked on the strategic deployment of power plants and vigorously expanded its renewable energy portfolio across China and beyond.



SEC has energy project investments in over twenty-two (22) provinces and cities in China. Under its power generation arm, its installed capacity is over 14GW with about 6GW being renewable energy. Its total and net assets amount to over $12 billion and $4 billion respectively. In addition, SEC owns an ocean fleet with 6 Panama Bulk Carriers.

Type Installed Capacity (MW) Share (%)
Coal 4634 32.74
Natural Gas 3755 26.53
Hydro 1011 7.14
Wind 2842 20.08
Solar 1147 8.10
WTE 763 5.39
Total 14,152  

Landmark Projects in the Renewable Energy Space


  • Two important wind power projects developed by the parent company have made headway in power generation.

  • SEC owns the 37.5MW Linze Wind Power plant. This plant consists of 15 wind turbines each with a remarkable height of 150m. This is overwhelmingly the highest and the first of its kind in the world. It also transitions the wind tower height of the company from 140m.
  • SEC also owns the 100MW Gaoyou Wind Power plant in Jiangsu province, which has installed 50 sets of 2MW.This is the first large-scale tower and mixed tower (hybrid tubular-steel concrete tower) built by a local contractor in China.This construction ended the dominance of international companies over applications for steel mixed tower frames in China.

  • SEC commissioned its first overseas Wind farm in Vietnam 5 MW (phase I) in the centre of Ninh Thuan.

  • Provides a new technological path for wind power development in low wind speed areas and difficult terrain.

  • Specializes in the investment of modern and high thermal efficiency and environmentally friendly combined cycle power plants with diverse fuel flexibility, excellent grid applicability, and matured technology.

  • These plants are equipped with multiple fuel storage facilities, and world-class control systems.

  • SEC operates the 360MW Zhangyang Power plant, 9X390MW F-Class Shenzhen East Power Plant in China, and 560MW Sunon Asogli Power Plant, the 1st IPP in Ghana.
  • SEC also owns and operates clean coal-fired plants such as the ‘near-zero emission’ Mawan power plant with dust removal technology and SCR de-Nox technology. This is the 1st Power plant to use the seawater flue gas desulfurization (FGD) technology in China. It also operates the Hopewell Power (Heyuan) Co. Ltd, 2 x600MW ultra-supercritical power generators (USPG).



  • Abundant O&M experience and partners large entities to improve operations.

  • Promotes acquisitions and re-powering: SEC acquired Cayman Island-based China Hydro Corporation (CHC) with assets including 25 hydropower stations and a total capacity of 505MW scattered across Zhenjiang, Fujian, and Yunnan Province.

  • Carries out early-stage development of projects

  • Shenzhen Energy is the operator of the Ramu 2 Hydropower Project with a total installed power of 180MW in Papua New Guinea.

  • SEC actively carries out early-stage works for solar and also hybrid installations and owns the Shenzhen Energy Nanjing company with solar on-grid capacity of about 1004MW and more than 100MW under construction.

  • SEC operates high-tech agro-photovoltaic (soil and soilless) and agro-fishery using smart and green technology to produce high-quality agricultural produce.

  • SAP’s 0.8MWp solar PV installation was assembled to provide auxiliary power to the Sunon Asogli Power use of the power plant. It consists of 2044 panels each rated 400Wp that covers a total area of 8500sqm.



  • SEC is experienced and owns power plants in MSW treatment, Municipal sludge treatment, agricultural and forest waste solution, kitchen and restaurant waste solution, garbage collection process, technical consulting, solid waste treatment labs, and SEE training centers.

  • Core technologies include wide-fit grate furnace, ultra-clean pollution control, high-efficiency WTE tech, standard operation management system, WTE plant information technology, zero-emission technology.

  • SEC owns the Longgang WTE plant in Shenzhen city with daily treatment of 5,000 tons of MSW and also equipped with a Solar panel roof covering more than half of the 66,000㎡roof area. The remaining area is used for greening, water recycling and skylight laying.

  • The environmental protection indicators meet the Shenzhen standard and are superior to the EU 2010/75/ EU standard.

  • In 2019 SEC received the Paulson Sustainability Award.