The first-ever media encounter with the Chairman and Management of Sunon Asogli Power (Ghana) Ltd was held on Friday, March 12, 2021.
The purpose of the event was to formally thank the media for their support over the years and to educate them on the company’s accomplishments thus far, as well as its vision for the near future.
Mr. Yang Qun, Chairman of Sunon Asogli Power, in his welcome address expressed his appreciation to the media outlets in attendance and took advantage of the opportunity to re-introduce the power plant and speak on the milestones it has reached.
Mr. Yang went on to say that the power plant was planning to expand to include a phase III project. He also intimated that looking at the year-on-year increase in demand, now is the time for the sitting government to plan to increase capacity, this in his view would help to avoid the signing of expensive emergency power purchase agreements in the future.
Powering Development With Renewable Energy
The company’s current position is to push for clean, safe energy. “The renewable energy industry is evolving rapidly and opportunities exist to significantly scale this up and encourage a true, global energy transformation. This is driven by the fact that many parts of the world still face power supply deficits and are eager for alternative solutions to fossil fuels to ensure energy security”, he stated. For this reason, Sunon Asogli is seeking to power development with renewable energy in Ghana, and expand to the African sub-region. The company is working on adding Wind Energy and Waste-to-Energy power plants to the country’s grid and ensure Ghana is not left out of the global renewable energy agenda. He also spoke on the addition of an 800kwp capacity solar PV system that the company has installed for its internal use.
Deputy Manager for commerce and marketing, Mr. Elikplim Apetorgbor gave a presentation on the company’s plans for renewable energy in Ghana. He was optimistic that if the government lifts the ban on Power Purchase Agreements, Sunon Asogli will be ready to invest heavily in the renewable energy space.
The media on their part took the opportunity to ask questions about the projects.
The event is expected to be held annually to help strengthen the company’s relationship with the media.
Also present at the night was General Manager, Mr. Jin Zhengyi, Deputy General Manager Mr. Wang Zhengjun and other senior staff.