Sunon Asogli Power Ghana, on 7th February 2020, opened the first Chinese Class program to be taught by Confucius Institute, University of Ghana.
It was graced by Mr. Chai Zhijing, Economic and Commercial counsellor of the Chinese Embassy-Ghana, Mr. Li Yu Hen, Secretary to the Economic and Commercial counsellor of the Chinese Embassy- Ghana, Dr. Chu Beijuan, Dean of the Confucius Institute- Ghana, Dr Josephine Dzahene- Quarshie, Ghanaian Director of the Confucius Institute.
“As a Chinese owned company in Ghana, it is inevitable to have both Chinese and Ghanaian workers working together. And this can cause a language barrier between the 2 nationalities. Our Aim is to bridge the Language gap between the Ghanaians and Chinese in the company “, said Mr Jin Zhengyi, the General Manager of sunon Asogli, Mr Jin Zhengyi. He further encouraged all staff taking part to take the class seriously and spoke on the importance of studying the Chinese Language.
Mr. Chai Zhijing commended Sunon Asogli Power for arranging language lessons for its staff. He further cited that “To learn a foreign language is very challenging but to learn Chinese is more challenging”. Mr Zhijing promised to award the top 3 students with a three-week training program in China when the class is over.
So far, about 50 Ghanaian staff from all the departments have enrolled in the class. This shows the passion and seriousness of staff to learn the Chinese language. The Confucius Institute can boast of a rich teaching experience. They have about 3500 students enrolled every year and have the best teachers teaching the courses.
Sunon Asogli Power is grateful to the Confucius institute for their support and providing the best teacher for this course.
The Chairman of Sunon Asogli Power officially opened the first Chinese language class of Sunon Asogli Power