The Safety Awareness month of the company is held in the month of June each year. In accordance with health and safety rules, the HSE department kicked off the month with an annual safety exam. The exam was conducted on 4th June, 2019 as part of the company’s Safety requirements. On 6th June, 2019, in line with the Energy Conservation week, there was a viewing of safety videos and pictures. On 10th June to 14th June 2019, staff were trained on CPR application. The training came to a successful end with 100 people getting trained.
On 19th June 2019, a general safety quiz was organised with representatives from all the departments in Sunon Asogli Power as well as CSC Salo, and GPEC. The program was organized to keep the safety rules of the company at hand with Mr. Bernard Ababio and Mr. Alvin Zhao as the quiz masters. The objective of this quiz was to promote the study of the safety rules, while fostering healthy academic rivalry among the staff.
This was followed by the Sunon Asogli firefighting skills contest. This is an annual competition between departments in the company in association with the Ghana National Fire Service, Tema Oil Refinery Fire Brigade and Tema Port Fire Safety Brigade. The teams were made to perform particular fire exercises under the direct supervision of superior fire officers.
On 27th June 2019, Sunon Asogli conducted a fire safety drill. This was conducted in fulfillment of regulatory and international safety requirements. During the exercise, the on-site commander issued an evacuation order, the oil compartment duty room opened the fire alarm and Staff upon hearing the alarm, evacuated to the emergency evacuation assembly point. The Ghana National Fire Service Team reported to support Sunon Asogli Fire Brigade team to fight the “fire”. The aim of this drill was to ensure staff and fire brigade preparedness in case of an emergency fire situation. The month ended with the safety Awareness night with staff winning gifts ranging from 40” Hisense TVs to speakers after answering a safety question correctly or after winning a game.