Since the 1960s, both China and Ghana have expressed profound and reliable ties with each other and today, Ghana is one of china’s key trading partners on the African continent.
The Ghanaian energy sector has experienced her fair share of this great relationship. This year marks exactly 10 years of operations by the biggest Independent Power Producer in Ghana, ie Sunon Asogli Power established by the Shenzhen Energy Group with support from the China - Africa Development Fund. This decade of successful cooperation in the area of power production is a living testimony of the great relationship that exists between China and Ghana. The Power Plant which commenced operation with an installed capacity of 200 MW now has a total capacity of 560MW making it the first, and biggest Independent Power producer in Ghana. Currently, the plant has generated a total of 1027162MWh of power to the Ghanaian grid, and the underlying factor for this achievement is the strong collaboration and knowledge sharing between Ghanaian and Chinese workers on site. 
  Sunon Asogli Power’s contribution to the energy sector has helped tremendously to improve Ghana’s economy. Today, Dumsor is a thing of the past partly due to the high performance of the company’s combine cycle plant which generates affordable energy in terms of tariffs to the Ghanaian economy. Ghana in terms of power generation has achieved energy sufficiency, and the country can confidently proclaim “Ghana energy beyond aid ”.Sunon Asogli is proud to be associated with Ghana’s success story in the energy sector. Collectively, we have developed the grid making Ghana’s contribution to the West Africa Power pool highly commendable; and countries such as Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast and Togo are all beneficiaries of power from Ghana. Sunon Asogli Power deeply cherishes the cordial relationship it enjoys with industry players within the energy sector. Earlier this year, a strategic collaboration with the Ghana Grid Company (GRIDCO) through the support of the Energy Ministry saw the building and completion of US$5.4m Autotransformer Project to boost Ghana’s power supply. Today Sunon Asogli Power continues to support not only Ghana but West Africa in the realization of the regional electricity market. It is therefore not surprising when the Ghana Investment Promotion Center (GIPC) adjudged Sunon Asogli Power the 4th best, and the fastest growing company in the Ghana Club 100 for 2019.
Sunon Asogli Power has proven its commitment to create jobs, develop talents and enhance technology at its operations. It has become a solid training grounds for young engineers to learn on the job and receive hands-on exposure in the field of power generation. This in effect has helped create numerous direct and indirect jobs for Ghanaians from different backgrounds. In addition, the Power plant has been accessible for field trips and practical tours from universities and Technical institutions within Ghana.
  Over the past ten years, not only has Sunon Asogli contributed in solving Ghana’s energy needs but also touched the lives of our host community and the nation at large. The 4 km China - Ghana Friendship Concrete Road at Kpone that was commissioned by the Vice President of the Republic Dr. Bawumia and the Chinese Ambassador to Ghana Mr. Shi Ting Wang is one clear evidence of the company being part of the development in the community. Couple with this, the company has made countless donations to the Kpone Traditional Council, Kpone Municipal Assembly, Kpone Police Station, Schools in Kpone and Orphanages around Tema. The company has provided also Street Lights for the Kpone Township as well as awarded scholarships to brilliant but needy students to study in China. And during this pandemic, the company has shown its commitment to the Ghanaian people by donating $100,000.00 to the Covid - 19 Fund set up by H.E the President of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo. Sunon Asogli has made countless donations of disinfectants to various stakeholders within the energy sector as well as the host community. 
  Accra has become a second home for Chinese citizen especially from Shenzhen; and these expatriates enjoy warm hospitality from the Ghanaian people. Accra in the minds of staff in Shenzhen Energy headquarters is home away from home. All who come to work or visit, leave with great memories, from the food, music, arts as well as the beautiful sights and sounds in Ghana. Shenzhen on the other hand has served as host to several Ghanaians staff from Sunon Asogli Power over the past ten years. This has come in a form of Technical Training on the Operations Systems as well as cultural exchanges. The exposure to the Ghanaian staffs from these trainings and visits are always one to write home about. The beautiful Shenzhen city is always in the minds of all who visit. 
  Today Shenzhen has become a house hold name in Kpone, thanks to the Shenzhen Park, an ultra-modern Astro turf constructed by Sunon Asogli Power and named after the city .This park is made accessible to the youth of Kpone, the host community for sporting activities. 
  Sunon Asogli Power believes in the Ghanaian economy and the “can do spirit” of the people. Over the coming years, the company’s vision is to align its strategies to that of Ghana in particular, and West Africa in general. As Sunon Asogli plans to expand production to meet the country’s growing demands, its future Investment would be made in the areas of renewable energy, specifically solar and wind energy. We in Sunon Asogli appreciate the bond of friendship with the Ghanaian people and it is our hope that from here we will expand our production to cover the rest of the sub-region. Sunon Asogli is hopeful that the cordial relationship between Shenzhen and Accra will continue to stand the test of time.
  We are optimistic that the better days of China - Ghana relationship is yet to come; a future that would be mutually beneficial to both parties in all sectors of our lives.
Accra and Beijing have a lot in common, shared history of being third world countries at a point in time, rich cultural heritage and above all great citizenry.
China believes that the path chosen by Ghana is promising; the initiative of “Ghana beyond aid” would move the Ghanaian economy to the next level.
  Long live the bilateral relations between China and Ghana 
Long live the friendship between the Chinese and the Ghanaian people 
Long live the People’s Republic of China 
Long live the Republic Ghana