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June 27, 2022 OPERATION STATUS Daily power delivered (MWh):8336 Monthly power total delivered (MWh):205827 Monthly power delivered of Phase I (MWh): 0 Monthly power delivered of Phase II (MWh):205827 Running units: GT7,ST8,GT9,ST10 Total delivered load (MW):350 Nigeria natural gas supply (mmscf): 0 Takoradi natural gas supply (mmscf): 81.40 Tema gas station inlet pressure (Mpa): 4.29 Sunon asogli gas station inlet pressure(Mpa): 3.53 Tema gas consumption(mmscf): 143.34 Sunon asogli gas consumption (mmscf): 57.63 …

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“We must step up and be aware of the significant impact that bias has on women equality in the power sector-that is both conscious and unconscious bias. We need to call it out and Break the bias”

Yang Qun


West Africa Development Unit

The business development arm of Shenzhen ENERGY focusing on Africa