CEB, SBEE, AND SBPE Pay Working Visit to Sunon Asogli Power

April 21, 2022

On the 21st of April 2022, a joint delegation from the Electricity Company of Benin (CEB), SBEE, and Electricity Production Company of Benin (SBPE), led by Chairman Claude Gbaguidi, paid a working visit to Sunon Asogli Power Ghana Limited as part of their 4-day working visit to Ghana. Their mission was to enhance the cooperation with their Ghanaian partners.

Mr. Yang Qun, Chairman of Sunon Asogli Power, and Mr. Jin Zhengyi, General manager of Sunon Asogli Power, expressed their heartfelt appreciation to Chairman Claude and his team for their visit. Chairman Yang in his welcome address, acknowledged the existing relationship between their companies and expressed hope that it will be strengthened in the near future. Dr. Elikplim Apetorgbor, Deputy Commerce and Marketing Director and Energy trader of Sunon Asogli Power, made a presentation to the delegation on the current state of the power plant and its plans.

Chairman Claude and his team appreciated the warm welcome and the investment Sunon Asogli had made in the Energy industry in Ghana and Africa. He added that the main purpose of their visit was to explore opportunities for future cooperation and that they hope for successive meetings in the future.

Other members of the delegation in attendance were, Emeric Tokoudagba, Norbert Kindadoussi, Fortune Soude, Rene Sotomey, Thierry Houssou, and Maurice Hossou.

The meeting ended with a tour of the power plant.