Sunon Asogli Power Supports Ho Flood Victims with a Donation of GHC150K to the Emergency Relief Fund

Sunon Asogli Power, represented by its Chairman, Mr. Yang Qun, expressed sympathy to the victims of the Ho floods in response to the unexpected flood that occurred on Saturday, July 8, 2023. The company made a seed donation of GHC150,000 to the newly established Asogli state Environmental Sustainability Fund. In addition, the company donated 800 bags of rice and 800 bottles of cooking oil to flood victims.

The late afternoon rain wreaked havoc in the downstream suburbs, destroying goods and property worth millions of Ghana cedis and displacing over 1000 people in the regional capital. Mr Yang Qun, Chairman of Sunon Asogli Power, stated that “as part of its corporate social responsibilities, the company is committed to lending support to projects that benefit all communities.”

The paramount Chief of Asogli state, Agbogbomefia Togbe Afede XIV, who accepted the donation on behalf of the victims, thanked Sunon Asogli for its generosity. “The floods that occurred on July 8th this year were a shameful occurrence and the result of the obstinate attitude of many residents who disposed of plastics and household waste into waterways, thereby thwarting the municipal assembly’s efforts to maintain a sound environment,” he said. He also urged the residents of Ho to adopt a new discipline of environmental stewardship, refraining from farming along streams and erecting structures along water courses to avoid future disasters.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

As part of its corporate social responsibility, the company donated Ghc100,000 to the UPSA Vice Chancellor’s education fund this year to support research. The company also donated ceiling fans to the Kpone Polyclinic and organized numerous beach clean-ups.

Future Investment in Ghana and Africa

Sunon Asogli Power is keen to expand its investments in Ghana and throughout Africa. The company is expanding to include a phase III of 2*254MW combined-natural gas plant. In addition, to help with the global energy transition, the company is establishing a solar power project in Tamale and a wind farm in Ada. Sunon Asogli Power is also expanding its investment across Africa, including Cameroon, South Africa, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Benin, Liberia, and other countries, to help these countries overcome their energy challenges. In this regard, the company will establish Ghana as the Energy headquarters of Africa.